Kaia Schmid is an aspiring 17 year old cyclist and mogul skier from the U.S. Kaia has traveled the country competing in both cycling and skiing.




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During the winter Kaia spends her months competing in mogul event across the Rocky Mountains and has been to junior​ nationals for the past two years. Kaia started skiing at two years old and started competing in moguls by the age of seven. Kaia currently skis for Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club in Colorado. Kaia's goal is to travel competing at the international level.

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 Kaia's is a multi-disciplined cyclist competing in cyclocross, track, and road cycling. Kaia has competed across the country at several national events, including California, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, etc. She started biking when she was two years old and started competing at the age of seven. Kaia currently rides for New England Development team and Proctor Academy. Kaia's goal is to represent the United States at the 2020 Junior World Championships in multiple disciplines. Kaia has set her sights on competing at the international level in various cycling disciplines. 


Kaia Schmid